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     The Child Centered Home

            Wonder. Learn. Grow. 

I am grateful to all the families I work with.

I appreciate the parents that took the time to share their experiences in my program.  ​​​

Lea M writes, "We are so thankful to have found Teacher Tammy and The Child Centered Home! I wanted as natural an environment as possible for my son as daycare was not originally part of our family plan. My son gets the best of all worlds at the Child Centered Home: positive interaction with peers (just the right amount of peers), LOTS of learning through play and natural occurring events (Teacher Tammy knows how to turn almost any experience into a learning experience), academic exposure in a wonderful preschool room, and lots of outdoor exercise for the mind and body. Teacher Tammy has excellent formal child education and practical experience, which shows in every detail of the way she cares for children. She brings the best of Montessori and Waldorf into a naturalistic home environment with just a handful of children. At the Child Centered Home, children get to experience playing in puddles, making mud soup, examining garden bugs, growing plants, building, pretending, exploring, sharing, and always learning. I don't think there is a better place for children to grow and learn than Teacher Tammy's Child Centered Home."

Heather F writes, "The Child Centered Home is a wonderful childcare program and I am so grateful to have found it while we were living in Temecula. My son attended for almost a year and a half, from age 3 - 4.5 and it was hard to leave! Tammy is kind and focused on helping the children relate to each other while also focusing on making sure they are ready for grade school. I loved how balanced the meals and snacks are and my son loved telling me about each time they got to try a fruit or veggie that they had grown in her outdoor classroom. I highly recommend giving The Child Centered Home a call and take a tour!"

Michele B write, "Ms. Tammy is very kind and takes great care of her kids. She has an awesome backyard for sensory play and a great classroom for learning. My twins love going to Ms. Tammy's! They have enjoyed playing with the other kids and learning so many cool things. I especially appreciate her love of nature and incorporating it into her school. Her meals are healthy and she sends a sleep and meal report at the end of the day along with (most days) pictures of their activities. I've always had great communication with Tammy and have always felt that my kids are in safe and secure hands."

Erin W writes, "We love the Child Centered Home and Ms. Tammy. My son came to Ms. Tammy barely knowing his ABC's and in less than a year he can identify every letter, number and shape. They spend a some of their day in a classroom environment but the rest of the day is about having fun and learning through play. My son looks forward to the days he goes to school. We are very thankful for Ms. Tammy and the Child Centered Home."

Caitlin L writes, "Miss Tammy runs a wonderful little school. My son attended for one year and I loved that he learned so much but also had so much free play and creative time. The backyard environment alone is incredible, with its natural play areas, pathways, and abundant shade. Miss Tammy herself is kind, unflappable, and incredibly organized. I really can't say enough good things about The Child Centered Home. It was the perfect place for my son and I wish I would have found out about the school earlier."

Kristen M writes, "My son is in Kindergarten now, but attended The Child Centered Home for the two years before that. We had such a positive experience there. As a teacher myself I was very picky about what kind of preschool I wanted him to go to, and as a mother I was worried about finding a place my very attached little boy would feel comfortable in. Teacher Tammy definitely fit the mold of what we were looking for. Her program has tons of outdoor time, sensory and pretend play, social skill practice, and then somehow she works in academics as well. My son blossomed socially and academically, and he still misses going to school here. On another note, my older son attended for a few months before starting Kindergarten and she handled all of his food allergies perfectly, so if that is an issue your family has, you can feel confident that your child will be safe here."

Laura F writes, "The Child Centered Home has been an excellent choice for my son.  As soon as my husband and I visited The Child Centered Home we knew it was the best choice.  Teacher Tammy has many activity areas geared towards learning to keep it interesting.  She provides healthy meals and snacks along with her great program.  Not long after he started, I was excited to see the difference in his development.  He was counting higher and able to put on his own shoes!  He is really benefiting from Teacher Tammy's program.  My son looks forward to going to preschool and we are thankful!"

Alisha C writes, "My son was with Ms Tammy at The Child Centered Home from when he turned 2 until he graduated preschool with her at 5 1/2 and went to Kindergarten. He learned so much being at preschool and is doing great at Kindergarten. Ms Tammy prepared him in all aspects and I am very thankful for her kindness, guidance and teaching abilities. I highly recommend this daycare and preschool for a warm, loving environment where a child can learn social skills and prepare academically for kindergarten."

Sarah H writes, "We are so lucky to have found Ms. Tammy. My oldest will be moving on to elementary school this year, and will be more than prepared, even having only attended The Child Centered Home two days a week. My youngest doesn't miss a beat, engages with the older kids, and truly loves being here. They learn through play, yet I am always amazed by the connections and development of both kids, and I honestly believe it is from attending the Child Centered Home. I love getting the daily emails, sometimes with pictures included. Tammy is very organized and communicates updates to schedules, etc, well in advance. She helps keep my husband and I in the loop, as one drops off and the other picks up. It's clear that my boys are very happy here, and I highly recommend The Child Centered Home to any parent looking for the perfect mix of education/development and nurturing for their preschooler."

Jennifer C writes, "We have been blessed with Ms Tammy and The Child Centered Home. Her program is amazing in every way. From her love of the arts, her amazing lunches, and her gift of teaching kindness, independence and accountability. Our 3-year old son has flourished in her program and we are very lucky to have found her."

Bonnie P writes, "We have known Tammy for almost 6 years. Both of our daughters went to her program and they absolutely adore her.  Tammy and her play-based program have taught our girls self-expression, independence and self-esteem. She has been a crucial part of their growth and development; we are forever grateful."

Marci R writes, "In moving to California and both my husband & I working full-time, we were in need of dependable child care provider. Being newer parents and not knowing the area, it was quite frightening to think about leaving our child with a complete stranger. After lots of research, we finally decided to try The Child Centered Home. WOW! Such a warm, caring, and safe environment. Our daughter felt so comfortable. What a blessing to go to work with "no worries", plus this place provides details on our daughters naps, meals, activities, etc. Tammy provides more than just babysitting. The kiddos have healthy meals and activities to gain social development/ skill building through fun and creative crafts. We couldn't of found a better place! Tammy is no longer a stranger, she is family!!!"