The Child Centered Home accepts applications for new enrollment on an ongoing basis. New applications will be entered into our waiting pool for future openings. Applicants will be contacted when an opening becomes available that meets the needs of The Child Centered Home and the new family. Please email Tammy Meyer at teachertammy@childcenteredhome.com for a Pre-Enrollment Application. 

The following steps comprise the application and enrollment process for The Child Centered Home: 

1. Introductory Visit: Introductory visits are conducted after school hours by appointment only. At the Introductory Visit the parent and child tour the program and ask all necessary questions.

2. Submission of Pre-Enrollment Application: The Pre-Enrollment Application is required to be in the waiting pool. Families are encouraged to submit their Pre-Enrollment Application at the Introductory Visit to be placed in the waiting pool. Tammy Meyer will contact families in the waiting pool when an opening becomes available.  

3. Space Hold and Admission: When an opening becomes available for your child and enrollment has been accepted, your space hold agreement and tuition deposit will be due. You are encouraged to visit with your child during school hours. The required tuition deposit includes: 1st week of tuition + registration fee ($25) + last 2 weeks of tuition. At this time you will receive the Enrollment Packet. All required Enrollment Paperwork (including immunization records) is due prior to the first day of attendance.

Enrollment Options & Rates

​* Full Time - 5 Days a week  = $300/week

* Part-Time - 4 Days a week = $240/week 

* Part-Time - 3 Days a week = $180/week

* Part-Time - 2 Days a week = $120/week

* Drop in care available as space permits, but is not guaranteed​ = $60/day

To schedule an Introductory Visit please contact Tammy Meyer at: (951) 240-7341 or teachertammy@childcenteredhome.com

​​​​Temecula, CA 92592, USA

(951) 240-7341

​LIC# 334840644

Operating Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm

     The Child Centered Home

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