The Child Centered Home

            Wonder. Learn. Grow. 

Our philosophy is simple: LET THE CHILDREN PLAY!!

Play is the foundation for learning. Play affords children everything they need for their growth and development, and strengthens their understanding of their world.

The Child Centered Home provides the children hands-on, play-based learning experiences which helps them expand their imagination and develop their creativity. It is argued that creativity and innovation are crucial skills needed for the next generation of leaders, so attainment of problem solving skills in a safe and supportive early childhood environment is beneficial to young children. Through exploration and social interaction the children of The Child Centered Home develop a love of learning that will continue with them into their school-age years.

Our play-based learning environment is an active educational setting. Since children are active beings, play-based learning is developmentally appropriate for all children regardless of personality, learning style, or ability.

Although our philosophy and environment are play-based, we do balance our child-initiated activities with  teacher-facilitated activities called ~ Invitations. Invitations are extensions to the children's play and are meant to build upon the concepts, knowledge, emerging interests, and curiosities of the children.

An intregal part of our philosophy is communication. We believe in the importance of open communicating between school and home.  Discussions are a part of the drop-off and pick-up routines at The Child Centered Home, as well as communication throughout the day through a Secure App called Daily Connect:

To see The Child Centered Home in person, please contact Tammy Meyer                                                to schedule your Introductory Visit: (951) 240-7341 or

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Operating Hours: Monday thru Friday 7:30am - 5:30pm